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Felvin’s intuitive platform and powerful AI tools make it easy for users to design, develop and monetize high-quality custom apps quickly and easily without any code.

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Define Fields and Inputs to be taken from the user and add a key-tag to it.

Add Computations

Add Options and Computations that the AI will perform on the provided input

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Define Logic and Prompt to be worked upon by Felvin AITM

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Ready made templates to help you build faster. Create and launch your app today.

Image Masking

Hairclip, Change Dress, Replace face, meme creator, tattoo, Cover art


Tinder Bio, Linked In post, Tweet creator, Cold email Generator, Reciepe Creator

Styled Image

DreamCatcher, Avatar Generator, Pixel art generator, Pop Art generator

Word Paint

DeBlur, Colorify, Black and White, Retro Image, Fujifilm shot, Noise remover
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is felvin?
Felvin is AI no-code Marketplace to use the existing app templates or build an app exclusively for you
Do I need to know how to code?
No, you do not need to know how to code. Felvin offers you the ability to create powerful apps without coding knowledge.
Can I collaborate with others in platform or playground?
Currently, you can't, but look out for our newsletter to check for any updates regarding it.
Is felvin secure?
Yes, Felvin is secure. It is designed with security in mind. Your data and creations are protected